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Chapel Vacation Package

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We know that the traditional honeymoon has evolved.  So we included in your package a "7 night resort stay for the two of ya or the crew of ya."

You have the choice of dozens of national and international destinations.

Your vacation planning should be hassle free as well.

Couple on the Beach

How do I start my vacation plan?

Included in your booking package is a certificate for your 7 day resort vacation stay.

1. Send off your registration page from your pamphlet.

Make sure you have all the blanks filled in!  They will send it back to you if the issue date isn't filled in.

Send $100 registration fee with the form

2. Receive a registration email.

3.Choose your destination and your Date of travel.

Remember they require 60 days advance registration prior to your travel date.

4. Pay the taxes for your destination.  Amount changes according to where you choose to go.  Usually under $200-$400

5.  Book your flight.  This isn't included.

Reminder:  We give you your travel registration pamphlet.  After that it is your responsibility to jump through the hoops noted above.   We have no responsibility for your vacation and the booking process.  That is all the responsibility of the travel company.

We think planning should be fun and creative not stressful.

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Join us on Facebook for more ideas

Once you have booked your event please join our private facebook group for our booked couples.  We post the current events and talk about designs and updates for our couples.

Get social with other couples who are planning their big days.

Additional Questions

Is transportation Included?

No.  You will have to arrange your own flights, meals and transportation.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

We don't manage any of the booking or management of your vacation, Contact the provider to make changes.

What do accommodations look like?

Each location is different.  The accommodations are generally not hotels but condos with kitchen, bedroom and bath facilities.

Do I have to choose now?

Your certificate needs to be activated within 30 days of issue.  Note your issue date to make sure it doesn't expire.

Once your certificate is activated you need to schedule your travel within 1 year of activation.

Organize and Plan and Organize some more!

Colorful Beach
Honeymoon in Venice

Send us pictures

We love keeping up with our couples so tag us in photos our send us some pictures.  We know you are having a lot of fun so let us know!

Your pictures make us smile.

Check out some photos from our events!

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