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Your Initial Consultation

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Walk through your selected venue and review venue services.

We will meet you at your selected venue.  Make sure you are in the correct place.  We will confirm the address with you.  Prior to your appointment review the venue packages and photos.  We want to make sure that we are showing you a place that is going to meet your needs.  Think about the following items to make sure it is the place for you.

Does the venue accommodate your guest count?

Is the venue the style that suits your event?

Are the packages appropriate for your budget?

We provide our clients an initial 2 hour consultation at no charge.  clients will be charged $200 for missed appointments.  Remember all consultations are by reservation only.  Don't come to our venues unannounced as we may not be available to serve you, due to our other appointments.

A little award is just an indication of the hard work we do all year!

Discuss your event design and your vendor selections.

Bring your Pinterest board or some photos with your ideas.  We will be discussing your complete event design and the vendors that will best meet your needs.  These include the following:

Catering that meets your personal taste.

Floral design selections

Linens and place settings.

Dj selection.

Table & Chair selections.

Event configuration

Organize and Plan and Organize some more!
Signing a Contract

Review your printed proposal and personal event plan.

Prior to your appointment you will have received the venue service packages sent to your email.  We will review the proposal of services and the service contract.  We will provide you with a written contractAll contracts are also available digitally so you will always have access to your contract and details.  We want to make sure that you understand all the details and we have done a good job covering all the aspects of your event.  We write everything down so you can reference the details as needed.

We take your initial deposit by credit card or check.  You may pay with cash and we will give you a hand written receipt.

In your contract you will have a selected payment plan.  An invoice will be sent to your email each month.  You to make your payment online.

We are picture perfect in every corner.

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