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Acclaimed Services

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Award winning services

We Love our little plaques and awards.  We have collected several over the years.

Here are a few of them:

Venue of the Year Award 2019

Couples Choice Award 2019, 2020 and 2021!

Our favorite Vendors have collected great awards also.

Best Wedding DJ- Danny Hill

Wedding Wire DJ Awards- SK Entertainment

Best Event Planner- Fairy Godmother 

A little award is just an indication of the hard work we do all year!

5 Star Reviews

We are so pleased to have partnered with so many event hosts and brides. We had an inspired experience managing their events.  They were gracious enough to leave us excellent reviews.  Having Happy customers is not easy in the event business.  There are so many opportunities to drop the ball, screw things up, miss the mark and fall between the cracks.  It is attention to detail and a neurotic need to organize that has kept us on top of  the game with over the top, happy customers.

Organize and Plan and Organize some more!

Image by Alvin Mahmudov
Stack of Magazines

Published Events 

Getting your pictures in a magazine isn't everything but it is something! We are honored to have been published many times in magazines such as :


Layers of Lux

Diamond Bridal Gallery

We have also been chosen to host the following 

Prestigious Photo shoots.

Miss California Pageant photo shoot

J&J Bridal Photo Shoot

Old Hollywood Photo Shoot

We are picture perfect in every corner.

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