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Chapel Design Warehouse

Wedding Table Set

Truly Beautiful Designs

Our Design warehouse is located at 1901 Chester.  Event manager, Brandy Ann will meet with you and show you some samples.  She will put together a sample table with your color and style selections.  We work with multiple rental companies.  Once we understand the look and feel of your event we can organize your rental order.  Plan to spend 2 hours discussing your design and the additional rentals you will want for your event.

We have 7 chair selections and dozens of linen selections in stock.  We work to put together your table, chairs and linens and place settings.

Your linen selection and table design make up a large portion of your event decorations.


Design Nights are really fun,

We love getting to see our couples and their families.  Design nights are a great time to bring your family in to see what you love.  We also have our vendors in so you can meet them and get your plan going.

Set up a sample table and try out different colors and styles.  Bring your pictures we can start looking at your options.

Meet DJ SK and start talking about your ceremony, aspects of your reception and your favorit "jams".

Try out some food selections and start managing your menu.

Start talking about your centerpieces and cake selections.

The Bar is open and ready for you to start designing your signature cocktails.  Start planning your bar menu with the bar team.

We think planning should be fun and creative not stressful.

Join us on Facebook for more ideas

Once you have booked your event please join our private facebook group for our booked couples.  We post the current events and talk about designs and updates for our couples.

Get social with other couples who are planning their big days.

The Bar adds Fun and Style to your event

Consider your bar design and décor.  Beyond your personal drink selections also thing about bar signs, creative ways to provide your guests with a bar menu.

Organize and Plan and Organize some more!

Wedding Cake

Cake Service that Adds the Wow Factor

Consider your dessert display.  Ideas to think about:

Dessert Signs

Creating levels for your desert display.

Incorporating florals in your dessert display.

We are picture perfect in every corner.

Custom Candy adds individual element to your event

Individual candy bags make excellent gifts for your bridal party or a beautiful element for your place settings.  Our candy shop, Aunt Mae's does a great job creating something unique for your event.

Organize and Plan and Organize some more!

Gift Bags

Check out some photos from our events!

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