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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require liability insurance?

Yes, we require every wedding couple to purchase and provide proof of liability insurance in order to book the Chapel for a wedding. 1 million Dollar Liability Policy and Wedding Cancelation Insurance. Preferred vendor  In the event of a cancellation contact insurance company directly.


Do you provide tables, chairs, and linens?

Yes. We customize your table and chair order to best meet your needs.  We have farmhouse Tables and cross back chairs in stock.

We offer a wide selection of linens to best meet your needs.


Guest Count and Parking?

Up to 300 guests.  We have a large parking lot to accommodate 300 guests.



10 min from downtown Bakersfield.


Ceremony spaces?

Some of our clients want a church ceremony while others would like to have their ceremony at the estate.  We offer multiple ceremony spaces.

Bride and Groom Spaces?

We have great getting ready spaces for both the bride and groom along with a very large lounge for the bridal party to gather.


Do you offer catering services?

Yes. We work with a preferred vendors list to help make the planning process easy.  

What about the weather?

We are fortunate to have a year round breeze and glorious shade.  Even on hot days our reception space is comfortable.  We provide tents and heaters in the winter.  Tents provided for rainy days.  We love the vibrant greens of the summer and the muted tones of the winter here.  For those looking for that outdoor space this is  a great place.

What does it take to book my event?

In order to book your event with Chapel Events has a contract that must be signed, and specified deposit paid. At that time, your date will be secured. Clients are placed on monthly payment plans.

Payment Plans?

After you make your initial payment we divide up your balance into monthly payments.  Payments are interest free.  If you need to change your payment plan that is fine just let us know and we will adjust it for you.


How Does the Bar Work?

We have multiple Bar service options. Option One: Host Provides Alcohol and we provide the Bar Service. Option 2:  Limited Bar:  Host sets limits on Bar tab and what is served.  Option 3:  Cash Bar Service:  Guests pay cash or run a tab on Bar drink service.


How late can my party go?

10 PM.  Bar closes at 930 PM.  Guests depart by 11 PM.  All vendors depart by 12 PM.


How Many Guests Can be Accomodated?


 Accommodates 300 guests

We do have parking attendant and valet parking options.  Ask us about this add on at your consultation.

Arrival, departure and cleanup times are written into your contract.

Standard arrival time is 10 AM

Standard party end time is 10PM

Times may be adjusted depended on party.  If you are looking for a late party the Tower will keep bar open until 1AM.

We offer full service weddings so that we can ensure the high quality of our events.

How does set up and tear down work?

The setup and clean up are managed by the staff and vendors.

Tables chairs and linens are put out by the staff.

Place settings and napkins are put out by the caterer.

Floral arrangements are put on tables by the florist or the caterer.

Personal items such as decor on your welcome table, party favors, photos etc.. are managed by your personal decorator, planner wedding party, planner.

Your order for table selection, chair selection, linen selection are completed at your design consultation.  Orders may be changed in writing a month before your event.

Planning for cleanup.

Caterer clears the tables of place settings, garbage and napkins.

Staff puts away tables and chairs and cleans the floors.

You are responsible for removal of personal items.  We take no responsibility for lost or damaged items.

Additional rental items are generally picked up by the rental company the day after your event.  Courtesy pickup time is 10AM

We will not touch your cake or decor.  We leave that to the professionals.

How does the Bar Work?

You have multiple choices regarding how you want to serve your bar.

You may bring in your own beverages to be served to your guests.  Or you may hire a bar service to bring in the beverages.  Your bar service is included as part of your service package.  It includes 2 black tie bartenders.

Host Bar

The host pays for all the guests beverages.

Cash Bar

Guests pay for their own drinks at the bar.

Budget Bar

Host pays for the cocktail hour or for a limited time period at the bar.  Or host pays for beer and wine.  Guests may then pay cash for their additional drinks.  Host may also provide drink tickets to guests as arranged in advance.

Champagne Toast

As part of your Full Service package a Champagne toast is included.  Champagne is provided for the toast.

Glassware for Bar

If you are hosting your bar and bringing in your own alcohol the bartender will serve in what is provided by you for the bar.  You may provide disposable or rental glassware.  We avoid red solo cups and beer bottles as we don't want your pictures to be filled with red eye sores.

Over Indulgent Guests

The bartenders will cut off guests who are drinking too much.  We do appoint a bar ambassador for each event.  May be a mom or uncle,  Someone the bar team can bring bar problems to.

Signature Cocktails and Custom Wines

We will line you up with your bar consultation to create your signature cocktails and our wine specialist if you would like custom wine, personalized labels etc..

Make the bar fun but not too fun.

Signing a Contract

Contracts and Retainer?

At your initial consultation you will receive a printed contract.  You will also receive a digital copy to sign and reference.

Our retainer fee is $4500 for our full service package.Your date is secured by your deposit.  We use your deposit to secure your DJ, catering, floral, cake services.

$2000 deposit for a venue only package.

we create a monthly payment plan within your contract.  The system will bill you via email each month.  Clients love the easy payment plans.  Be aware that it all happens automatically once we put it into the system.  If you need to adjust your payment plan just let us know.  Payments average $500- $1500 each month.

 After you pay the retainer, the balance is divided into monthly payments.  Clients love this because there really isn't any big additional charges.  You just make your monthly payments.  Your payment schedule is written into your contract so there are no surprises.  The computer program sends you an invoice each month and you can pay online.

Refunds and Cancellations

As part of your contract you are required to secure event cancelation insurance and liability insurance.  Estimated cost is $200. If you need to cancel please reference your cancelation insurance policy.  Request a refund from your cancelation insurance not Chapel Events. is a supplier you may use.

Read all the details and make sure changes are in writing.

Bride and Groom

Candles, Glitter and Explosives?

Candles- Yes

You may have candles as long as they are in a vase or jar to contain the flame and any dripping wax.

Sparklers- Yes

On grass or in an area that wont be damaged

Flower Petals- Yes

Plan for the cleanup of petals after their use.

Glitter- No

Glitter is very challenging to clean up in indoor spaces.  So we stick to No

Fireworks and smoke bombs-  No

Very messy and danger of fire.  Some acceptations made on the river.

Nails Tape and Adhesives-  Hard No

Use zip ties.  Tap and adhesives damage our antiques and floors.  Anything you apply must be removed at the end of evening.

Confetti and Poppers- Yes

Plan for the cleanup

Plan to remove your personal items and cleanup from your event.

Bride with Horses

Dogs, Kids, Horses?

Yes we are kid and animal friendly.  That said we would suggest that these elements are for the ceremony and dinner not for the party.  Plan to have kids and dogs go home.  They are generally not appropriate for the adult party and add another thing for you to be concerned about.  If they remain they have to be attended.  In our experience folks say they will be attended but they are left to their own devices.  Best to send them home and enjoy a pleasant adult evening.

Photography and your  photoshoot are an important aspect of your day.  Your photoshoot time is included in your package.  You may also do your engagement photo shoot, it is included in your full service package.

Our venues are full of epic photo backdrops.  Go to our galleries to check them out.

Get all your great photos then send the cute props home for the night.

Wedding Table Set

Are there additional Charges?

One of our pet peeves is the upcharging that is chronic in the event industry.  Some places will keep their prices low but then charge you to turn on the lights, turn on the fountain, additional security charges, additional bar charges, additional cleanup charges, additional hours charges.  This may seem like we are exaggerating but we are not.

If there are additional charges then we will tell you up front,  We don't hide charges.  Generally everything is included.

All changes are made in writing at least a month before the event.

What are the Food Choices?

We work with multiple caterers.  We will match you to the caterer that best meets your needs.

Catering generally costs $15- $40 per person. 

Plated or Buffet?

Plated presentation is more expensive as it requires more staffing.  It adds a more formal feeling to your event.

Buffet is better for a less formal party.

Cake cutting is generally included in your catering package.  Make sure you discuss this with your caterer.

Can we bring in our own food?

Yes, you may serve your own food.

The food service is generally where most glitches happen so make sure you plan thoroughly and ask all your questions.


How does Chapel Events Help me with my personal decor?

We have learned over and over that decor is where we can get ourselves into problems,  There is so much personal preference and creativity in your decor. We can not commit to getting it the way you want it.  So we leave it to you and your decorator.

Chapel Events does include the bulk of your Decor Choices including:



Table Settings

Tables and Chair selection


We can't take responsibility for your personal decor and belongings.  We can not ensure that your items will not get lost or broken.  As soon as we touch something or help you with an item then we are responsible for it and what happens to it.  The staff are specifically and repeatedly told not to touch, move or adjust any of your personal items.

If something is lost, damaged, broken or misplaced please refer to your event insurance policy.

Make someone responsible for valuable items so they are put away and stored properly.

Remove all personal items at the end of the evening.  Chapel Events can  not take responsibility for the care and storage of your personal items.

Assign someone to take responsibility for valuables.


May I use my own Planner, Decorator or Coordinator?

Yes!  Your planner can take care of all details that make your day smooth and beautiful.  We include lots of aspects in your package but that doesn't replace the personal care and attention a great planner can bring to your event. Your planner can take care of your decor and overall management of your event.


We put a lot of effort into creating your event plan.  That plan starts with your initial contract and then is developed further through your design consultation, bar consultation, floral consultation, catering consultation, DJ consultation and cake consultation.

Each one of these vendors is a professional who gets it right consistently.  They each write down the individual plan for your event.  This includes the work order and arrival times.

We communicate with the client and each vendor to confirm the details.  We write it all down and put it into your event plan.  This timeline document includes "everything".  It is sent to you digitally and printed out for you and all the vendors on the day of the event.  It is our master plan that keeps everything on track.

The written timeline is dispersed to the host and all the vendors.  We reference it to make sure your deliveries are on time.

Jameson Wedding Previews-14.jpg

How do I manage problems as we plan our day?

Managing problems is the basis of our success,

Problems come with the territory.  We manage them one by one with as much grace and skill as we can.  There is always going to be something,  Sometimes small and sometimes significant,  Roll with it and we will find a solution with you.

Here are a few things that we do to manage things.

Refer back to what we have in writing.  Look at the contract.  We have experienced a lot over the years and generally it written down for you.


We create your event plan and then we stick to the plan and the event timeline.

So far we haven't hit a problem that "ruined" the day or was "impossible" to fix.  We have had lots of problems that were less than ideal.  

Rowdy guests

Wilting flowers

Backed up toilets

We put all these problems into perspective and give you advice to help you avoid the problems.

Don't give the guests to much to drink.

Don't put the flowers in the sun.

Have a plunger at the reedy.

Don't let small problems overwhelm the positive aspects of your day.

Great vendors and staff will help you avoid the common  problems that happen with events.

How do I line up all my vendors?

We line up your vendor plan starting at your initial consultation.

Your list of vendors is part of your contract and plan.  You just need to call your vendors and set up your consultations.  They are already aware of your package and are eager to give you excellent services.

These include:

DJ service

Floral service

Cake Service

Catering service

Bar service

We firmly believe that the process should be creative and fun not discouraging and overwhelming.

Each of your vendors will generate an order form that documents your entire order.  Make sure you review the written order.  Make any and all order changes in writing.  If the written invoice isn't changed then we don't have documentation of the changes.

If you want something that is outside of your package then your vendor will let you know of any additional charges.  We find this to be most common with your floral consultation.  You have beautiful florals included: center pieces, bouquets and boutonnieres.  often folks will add a floral for an arch or an additional aisle floral.

We have the best vendors who really love and serve our clients.

We also regularly sponsor Design Nights where you can meet most of your vendors.

Join our couples facebook group to stay up to date with upcoming events.

Our vendors are so great to our clients,  that is why we choose them.

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