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Helping you plan your Budget

Pricing in weddings is like comparing apples and  magic beans.

We offer this page as a tool to help you understand what things cost and what you are getting.  Fortunately, Chapel events does inclusive packages so you are getting a high-quality product that will keep your costs down.

Sticker shock is a problem that we want to help you avoid by giving you the information here that will help you plan your wedding.

Once you know your budget, we can match you to a payment plan and a package that works for you.

Monthly payments are generally $500- $1500 each month.

Think about your budget and what is important to you,


Standard wedding budgets for our venues.

Olive & Orange $15,000- $35,000

Nirvana: $20,000- $40.000

The GiGi Gallery:  $5000- $15,000

We offer full service weddings so that we can ensure the high quality of our events.

What does a venue cost?

Venues range from $3500- $15000

They vary greatly because some include nothing while others include everything.

Pay attention to upcharges such as: Tables, chairs, linnes, bar charges, cleanup charges, kitchen use fees. set up fees, security fees.

Rental fees

Linnens- $10-$30 per table

Tables- $10-$40 per table rental

Chairs- $3- $10 per chair

Place settings- $2-$10 per setting

Security- 1 security guard for 75 people- $30 per hour

Also be careful how much venue requires of you for setting up and cleaning up.

Chapel events includes all the above so there is no additional fees to be worries about.  

Chapel events takes care of all your setup and cleanup so you can enjoy your day not move the chairs.

How much does the Bar cost?

Average Wedding Bar costs  $1500- $7000

Bar Service set up fees $500-$1500

Bar tenders are generally $100- $200 each for the evening.

Additional glassware- $2- $5 per person

Chapel events includes all bar tenders and bar setup fees.


You have multiple choices regarding how you want to serve your bar.

Olive & Orange has a professional bar with a liquor license.  All alcohol is purchased through the bar.  No outside alcohol is allowed.

Riverfront and GiGi Gallery you may bring in your own beverages to be served to your guests.  Your bar service is included as part of your service package.  It includes 2 black tie bartenders.

Host Bar

The host pays for all the guests beverages.

Cash Bar

Guests pay for their own drinks at the bar.

Budget Bar

Host pays for the cocktail hour for a limited time period at the bar.  Or host pays for beer and wine.  Guests then pay cash for their drinks.  Host may also provide drink tickets to guests as arranged in advance.

Champagne Toast

As part of your Full-Service package a Champagne toast is included.  Champagne is provided for the toast.

Glassware for Bar

Olive & Orange Bar comes with full glassware.

If you are hosting your bar and bringing in your own alcohol at other locations the bartender will serve in what is provided by you for the bar.  You may provide disposable or rental glassware.  We avoid red solo cups and beer bottles as we dont want your pictures to be filled with red eye sores.

Over Indulgent Guests

The bartenders will cut off guests who are drinking too much.  We do appoint a bar ambassador for each event.  May be a mom or uncle, Someone the bar team can bring bar problems to.

Signature Cocktails and Custom Wines

We will line you up with your bar consultation to create your signature cocktails and our wine specialist if you would like custom wine, personalized labels etc..

Make the bar fun but not too fun.

Signing a Contract

Contracts and Retainer?

Standard Deposits range from $1000 to  $10,000

Each vendor DJ, Cake, Floral, rentals require a deposit upon placing your order.  

You have to put down deposits to secure your vendor for your event.


Your deposit with Chapel Events takes care of all your vendor deposits and orders.

At your initial consultation you will receive a printed contract.  You will also receive a digital copy to sign and reference.

Our retainer fee is $4500 for our full service package.Your date is secured by your deposit.  We use your deposit to secure your DJ, catering, floral, cake services.

$2000 deposit for a venue only package.

we create a monthly payment plan within your contract.  The system will bill you via email each month.  Clients love the easy payment plans.  Be aware that it all happens automatically once we put it into the system.  If you need to adjust your payment plan just let us know.

Refunds and Cancellations

As part of your contract you are required to secure event cancelation insurance and liability insurance.  Estimated cost is $200. If you need to cancel please reference your cancelation insurance policy.  Request a refund from your cancelation insurance not Chapel Events. is a supplier you may use.

Read all the details and make sure changes are in writing.

Wedding Dance

What Does a DJ or Band Cost?

DJ service ranges from $500- $5000

Some DJs Charge per hour and per service offered.

Band Service: $1000- $5000

Photo Booth- $500-$1500

Uplighting- $500- $3000

Dance Floor- $800- $2000

Chapel events includes our 5 star DJ service, lighting, dance floor and photo booth in your service package.

Also be aware that a DJ doesn't just play music.  Your DJ is responsible for all the ceremonial aspects of your event.  Such as cutting the cake and the first dance etc.. He or she keeps the party moving and on schedule.

Remember to include your ceremony, start and end times in yoru DJ contract.

Outdoor Wedding

Additional Rentals?

Arches- $200- $500

Draping- $100- $1000

Backdrops- $500- $1500

You can use our built in backdrops and available arches for your event.


Photography and your  photoshoot are an important aspect of your day.  Your photoshoot time is included in your package.  You may also do your engagement photo shoot is included in your full service package.

Our venues are full of epic photo backdrops.  Go to our galleries to check them out.

When you are contracting for photo and video service make sure to ask the following:

What are the hours for shooting and how much of reception is included?

How many photos and how much editing is included?

What is the timeline to receive my finished product?

Photographer: $1500- $5000

Videographer: $1500- $5000

Get all your great photos then send the cute props home for the night.

Wedding Table Set

Are there additional Charges?

One of our pet peeves is the upcharging that is chronic in the event industry.  Some places will keep their prices low but then charge you to turn on the lights, turn on the fountain, additional security charges, additional bar charges, additional cleanup charges, additional hours charges.  This may seem like we are exaggerating but we are not.

If there are additional charges then we will tell you up front,  We don't hide charges.  Generally everything is included.

All changes are made in writing at least a month before the event.

Jameson Wedding Previews-29.jpg

What does Cake Service cost?

Cake Service: $500- $2000

There is a lot of design variation in cake design and selection.

Chapel events includes:

Consultation with one of our cake designers.

3 tiered cake 

2 additional sheet cakes.

serves up to 200 guests.

Multiple flavor selections.

Multiple decorative options.

Delivery and set up of the cake or cubcake display.

Delivery time is determined at your consultation appointment.

Bring your design to your cake consultation.  Our cake designer will turn your picture into a reality for you.  If there are additional changes she will let you know at that time.

Your cake cutting and serving is included in your catering package.  Make sure you discuss this with your caterer.

All changes are made in writing at least a month before the event.

Flower Bouquet

What does Floral Service cost?

Floral Service: $500- $10,000

There is a lot of design variation in floral service.

Chapel events includes:

Bouquets for the Bridal party

Bootaniers for the Gentlemen

12 floral center pieces for your guest tables.

Delivery and set up of floral displays.

Delivery time is determined at your consultation appointment.

Bring your design to your floral consultation.  Our floral designer will turn your picture into a reality for you.  If there are additional changes she will let you know at that time.

Plan for what you will do with your florals at the end of your event.  Will florist be picking them up?  Will they go home with guests?

All changes are made in writing at least a month before the event.

Stoocked Buffet

What does food service cost?

Food Service: $15- $40 per person

Cake cutting and plating service: $2- $4 per guest


The Tower has its own catering department.  You will choose from their food packages and catering menu.


Riverfront and the GiGi gallery we work with multiple caterers.  We will match you to the caterer that best meets your needs.


Plated or Buffet?

Plated presentation is more expensive as it requires more staffing.  It adds a more formal feeling to your event.

Buffet is better for a less formal party.

Cake cutting is generally included in your catering package.  Make sure you discuss this with your caterer.

Can we bring in our own food?

Yes you may serve your own food at Riverfront and GiGi Gallery.  You may not bring in your own food at The Tower.

The food service is generally where most glitches happen so make sure you plan thoroughly and ask all your questions.


How much does a Planner, Decorator or Coordinator cost?

Planner Decorator, Designer: $500- $7000

Generally the more experienced the planner the more expensive.  You are paying a planner to manage your event and all its details.


Your planner can take care of all details that make your day smooth and beautiful.  We include lots of aspects in your package but that doesn't replace the personal care and attention a great planner can bring to your event. Your planner can take care of your decor and overall management of your event.


We put a lot of effort into creating your event plan.  That plan starts with your initial contract and then is developed further through your design consultation, bar consultation, floral consultation, catering consultation, DJ consultation and cake consultation.

Each one of these vendors is a professional who gets it right consistently.  They each write down the individual plan for your event.  This includes the work order and arrival times.

We communicate with the client and each vendor to confirm the details.  We write it all down and put it into your event plan.  This timeline document includes "everything".  It is sent to you digitally and printed out for you and all the vendors on the day of the event. 


It is our master plan that keeps everything on track.

The written timeline is dispersed to the host and all the vendors.  We reference it to make sure your deliveries are on time.

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