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Event Insurance

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What is Event Insurance?

We have so much Love and passion for our Clients that we want to take care of you in every possible way.   One of those "ways" is requiring event liability and cancelation insurance.  

Just like your house has insurance and your car has insurance your wedding needs insurance.  Your policy should cover liability, cancelation and rescheduling of your event.  We now diligently require this coverage.  After living through the pandemic we wish that clients had taken our advise so now we require this coverage.

What does it cover?

Liability insurance covers incidents accidents and damages to property.  Over the years lots of little things have happened but we havent yet had to file a claim.  It is required by venues and vendors.  A must have!

Cancelation and reschedule insurance covers all those things you can not predict such as injury illness, accidents, deaths, closures etc.   Just like collision insurance on your car if something unforeseen happens then you are covered.  Again it is required that you get your coverage within 7 days of signing your contract.

We want all our clients to be protected against all those unforeseen circumstances!

Why is Event Insurance Required?

All the wedding vendors are business and just like every business they need to protect themselves with insurance.

Venues and vendors all have their own policies and require you to have an event insurance policy also.

We have over the years noted that clients wait till the days before the event to rush to get their policy going.  This has been stressful and doesn't protect clients in the event of a cancelation.  Now we require that you get your policy promptly to protect yourselves and your investment.

We were looking for ways to continue to serve our clients.


How Do I get Event Insurance?

In your contract we provide multiple link to insurance providers.


Wedding insurance costs $200-$500 depending on the level of insurance and the deductible that you choose.

Insurance Costs $200-$500

Read the Nitty Gritty!

Insurance Coverage

The client is required to obtain Liability and cancelation insurance for the contracted event.  Liability insurance in the amount of 1,000,000/2,000,000.  This insurance covers accidents, damages, incidents and general liability.  This also covers food and drink service liability.

Clients are required to obtain event cancelation and reschedule insurance with the minimum amount of coverage to be no less then the amount of the event contract.  This insurance will cover event cancelations due to illness, injury, serious incidents, venue closure, vendor cancelations, going out of business, vendor contracts and cancelations.

Client is responsible for obtaining event insurance.  Chapel Events is not responsible for client’s inability to obtain insurance in a timely manner or limitations of insurance policy.  Client must ensure that limits of policy fully cover event.  Should a policy not be obtained, or the policy doesn’t fully cover event losses then Chapel Events may in no way be held responsible for the losses.  Client must pursue reimbursement for losses from acquired insurance policy not from contracted vendors or Chapel Events.

Outside vendors are required to provide their liability policies 30 days prior to event.

Additional Insured

The Name of your selected venue must be added to your insurance policy as an additional insured.  For example, if your event is hosted at the Gigi gallery then the name of the Gallery and address are added to your policy as an additional insured,

Chapel Events must be added to your policy as an additional insured and a copy of the policy forwarded to

Insurance Claims

In the event of a vendor cancelation, weather incident, medical incidents, event damages, event loss, theft, accident or incident it is the client’s responsibility to apply and to contract insurance for financial settlement.  Chapel Events will not apply for financial compensation on the behalf of the client.  Client must pursue remuneration from insurance company and may not pursue damages or reimbursement from contracted vendors or chapel events.

In the event of any Vendor Cancelations, Vendor Damages, Venue closures, Loss of Deposits, loss must be pursued through the insurance company.  Vendors are subject to cancelation for all reasons.  Chapel Events may not be held liable for vendor cancelations, closures or contract disputes.  Chapel Events is in no way responsible for the business dealings or legal circumstances of any vendors.  Vendor Business dealings and circumstances are outside Chapel Events control and prevue.

All event vendors also carry business liability policies.  Should a vendor cause loss or property damage their insurance policies may cover damages or losses.  Chapel Events is not responsible for filing, pursuing or coordinating any insurance claims.


Supply availability is subject to current circumstances and market conditions.  Vendors are subject to substitutions due to supplies and availability.  For example, a particular floral choice may be unavailable, and a vendor may need to substitute an equivalent floral selection.  Venues and Vendors change over time.  Venues are subject to renovation and improvements.  Chapel events may not be held liable for venue changes over time or substitutions that vendors need to make.

Events are subject to staff substitutions.  Staff members are scheduled for events but just like any other business we cannot promise specific staff for your event, should a staff member need to be replaced for a scheduled event then an appropriate substitution staff member will be scheduled.

Vendors are subject to price increases.  Vendors are contracted for services at a predetermined rate.  Due to circumstances outside chapel events control these rates may increase and costs may be passed to clients. Caterers and other vendors have been subject to menu and package changes due to the current business climate.  Chapel Events is in no way responsible for vendor changes and modifications.

Venues and Vendors are subject to renovations, business closures, double-booking, over-booking, leasehold and contract changes, changes in zoning and local regulations, closures due to pandemic and natural disasters, cancelation due to contracting changes.   Chapel events is not responsible for any of these potential situations.  In the event of Venue or vendor cancelations contracts are subject to transfer and reschedule fees.  In the event of a venue closure the contract will be cancelled and client will seek reimbursement from the event cancelation policy.  Chapel Events is in no way responsible for the closure of a venue.  Cancelled vendors may be replaced with another vendor and additional charges will be added to the contract.  These additional fees may be reimbursed by your insurance company.  Chapel Events is not responsible for these unforeseeable circumstances and all claims need to be referred to insurance policy.  Rebooking for rescheduled events may be subject to rebooking charges and fees.

Failure to Obtain Event Insurance

The client is required to obtain event insurance within 7 days of contract signing.  Failure to obtain insurance may void the contract.  Chapel Events may not be held liable for incidents, damages, injuries, theft, cancelation, postponements etc.  The client is responsible for obtaining sufficient insurance that covers event damages, event incidents, cancelations and postponments.  Client is responsible for the deductible chosen in the insurance policy.  Chapel events is in no way responsible for a client’s failure to obtain event insurance.  In the event of damages, injuries, theft, cancelation or postponement client should go to policy for compensation not chapel events.  Client may in no way seek compensation from chapel events.  Chapel Events does not coordinate, submit or otherwise manage insurance claims.  These are submitted directly to the insurance company and not managed by chapel events.  Client is responsible for submitting all receipts, contracts and other documentation to the insurance company.

Chapel Events may obtain Event insurance on your behalf and add the cost to the balance of your contract.  Clients are required to obtain Event liability and cancellation postponement insurance within 7 days of signing their contract.


Vendors are subject to cancelations, bankruptcy, business closures contract changes, business changes, renovations, overbooking and business circumstances of all kinds.  In the event of cancelation of a vendor for any reason a substitution may be chosen to replace the canceled vendor.  Chapel Events may add a new vendor to the contract and add the total cost of that vendors services.  For example, should a florist cancel then the total amount of the new florist contract will be added to event total.  Losses from vendor cancelation must be reimbursed by the cancelation policy.  Chapel events is not liable for any venue/vendor cancelations for any reason.  Additional charges for vendor cancelation may be added to contract and cancelation/reschedule insurance policy will cover those losses.  Chapel Events reserves the right to cancel and substitute vendors as made necessary by circumstances.

If a vendor change is necessary Chapel Events will not discuss the circumstances of the venue, vendor, contractor, staff member etc.  These circumstances are private, and Chapel Events will not disclose personal, private or proprietary information.  The circumstances surrounding vendor closures, cancelations and contract changes are sensitive private information that we will not disclose.

Weather and Unforeseen Circumstances

Events are scheduled despite all circumstances.  Traffic, weather, medical emergency, death, family emergency, flight cancelations, automotive break downs, fires, floods plagues etc.  events will continue as scheduled.  Should cancelation be required then reference your cancelation policy. No refunds will be given for any unforeseen circumstances of any kind.  Pursuit of losses must be submitted to cancelation insurance policy.  Client may not request any form of refund or compensation from Chapel Events.


Agreements outside of the written contract

There are no agreements outside of those listed in the contract.  If an understanding or promise is made that is not listed in the contract, then Chapel Events may not be held responsible for that understanding.  For example, if client completes a consultation with a vendor and the vendor offers, promises or presents an additional product or service, that product or service should be documented in contract with that vendor.  Chapel Events cannot be held responsible for additional promises or understandings made with a vendor.  Client is responsible for reading contract thoroughly and asking for written clarification within the contract to resolve any misunderstandings.  All orders are written.  This includes, floral, food, cake, linen, DJ services.  All changes to services must be documented in written form.

Loss, Damage, Theft. Misplaced items

Chapel Events, Vendors, Venues, employees and contractors are not responsible for personal, rental, or borrowed items.  Should items be misplaced, lost, stolen, not picked up or damaged by staff or contractors then your insurance policy should be referenced, and a claim initiated.  Chapel Events and contracted vendors are in no way responsible for damage, loss, theft or misplacement of items.  Should a vendor be directly responsible for an item’s loss? For example, should a catering employee damage a rental or personal item then the vendor/staff person may not be held personally liable.  Client should Initiate an insurance claim for the damaged or lost item.  A vendors liability policy may also be utilized to cover the loss.  Client must pick up all personal and rental items at scheduled time.  Chapel Events can not be held responsible for storage of items, or the safe keeping of any items.

Chapel Events is not responsible for the clients left over food or beverage items.  The client is responsible for coordination of these items with bar service, kitchen service, caterer etc.  Chapel events does not track, keep or monitor these items.  In the event of loss, theft or damage please reference event insurance policy for reimbursement. The client should appoint an individual to be responsible for any and all items of importance.  For example, if client is concerned about the security of gifts then the gifts should be monitored and removed promptly.  Chapel Events is not responsible for the security of vehicles in public parking areas.  Guests are responsible for the security of their own vehicles.  Chapel Events is in no way responsible or liable for the security or damage of vehicles or personal belongings.


All payments are non-refundable.  Should event be subject to cancelation, rescheduling, substitution, medical emergency or any other circumstance then insurance policy should be initiated.  Client may not pursue Chapel Events, Event Vendors or other individuals regarding losses.  Contracted insurance policy is put into place by the client specifically to cover these losses.  Client shall not pursue Chapel Events for damages or losses or cancelations for any reason.  Client is responsible for ensuring that the insurance policy as contracted will cover all losses.   In the event of a cancellation of any type, the insurance policy is there to protect you and your investment.  Clients may not write negative reviews for a cancelled, postponed or rescheduled event, substitution of vendors or services.  Chapel Events is in no way liable, responsible for this circumstance and may not be given a public review due to a client’s dissatisfaction with circumstances that are outside Chapel Events control.  The insurance policy is in place to reimburse for these unforeseeable circumstances.

Dissatisfaction with Vendors

Should a client be dissatisfied with a vendor’s services then the client should address that Vendor directly.  For example, if client is dissatisfied with food services as provided then client should address concern to food service provider.  Chapel Events may not be held responsible for dissatisfaction with vendor services.  A review of the vendors services may not be submitted or represented as Chapel Events services. 

If a client attends a vendor consultation and is dissatisfied with the service, then client may request a vendor substitution.  Chapel Events may substitute an equivalent, vendor, service provider, contractor, venue service, catering service, cake service, DJ service, or any other required vendor substitution.

Should a client be dissatisfied with a vendor’s services Chapel Events will in no way give a compensation for that dissatisfaction.   For example, if a client is dissatisfied with contracted food service, then Chapel Events will not give financial compensation for the client’s dissatisfaction.  Complaints may be directed to the contracted vendor and client may seek compensation from that vendor.  The insurance policy is in place to compensate for damages.  Should a client be dissatisfied with Photo or Video products then client must address concerns directly to the contracted vendor.  Chapel Events is in no way responsible for the delivery of those products and services.  Clients may not leave a review for Chapel Events that should be directed at a vendor for their services.  For example, if a client is dissatisfied with a Venues services the review should be directed to that venue not to Chapel Events.  Revies of Chapel Events must reference the services provided by Chapel Events not the services rendered by event vendors.

Change orders must be completed 30 days prior to the event in writing.

Changes in services must be completed 30 days prior to the event and must be in written form.  For example, if a client would like to change a linen color, add tables, change food order this must be completed in writing and written contract changes must be made.  Chapel Events cannot be held liable for last minute changes or substitutions.

Services will be rendered as written in the contract.  Event staff and vendors will not change written contracted orders upon the request of event guests.  Should host like a change then vendors may or may not be able to accommodate small changes.

Broken, malfunctioning equipment or facilities

Chapel events is not responsible for facility or equipment malfunctions.  Vendors and venues are responsible for their equipment.  During events incidents happen, toilets clog up, equipment malfunctions.  Chapel Events is not responsible for malfunctions.  Vendors are directly and completely responsible for their supplies, services and equipment.  Providing the needed supplies and equipment is directly the responsibility of the related vendor.  Chapel Events will not provide discounts or reimbursements for any malfunctions.

Event Supplies

Clients is responsible for supplying all the needed event supplies.  Vendors are responsible for the supplies needed for their event responsibilities.  For example, bobby pins, safety pins, tape. Wire etc. are the responsibility of the Host.  Event staff are not responsible for supplying last minute supplies for your event.  Vendors are contracted for specific services and provide the supplies for their services.  Vendors, Staff and Chapel Events are not responsible for providing additional supplies related to wardrobe, decor, personal items, storage etc.

Adhesives, glitter and explosives are prohibited.  Décor items may not be affixed to facilities with adhesives or tape.  These cause damage and are not permitted.

Event Catering

It is the client’s responsibility to provide sufficient catering service for their guest count.  Should additional guests arrive the catering company is not responsible for providing additional food for the additional guest count.  Any specific food requirements, such as vegetarians, vegans, gluten free plates should be arranged before the event with the caterer.  Last minute dietary requirements may not be accommodated.  It is customary that the caterer provides food for event vendors after the guests have been served.  It is your responsibility to let the caterer know how many vendors will be served (10-15 generally).  If you do not plan to provide food for event vendors, then you must let vendors know before the event.  It is customary that vendors are fed and generally an expectation.

Overindulgent Guests

The bar service and security service are responsible for monitoring and enforcing responsible guest management.  Should a guest overindulge in alcoholic beverages then the bar service will slow them down or cut them off as is required by law.  Chapel Events is not responsible for any dissatisfaction that guest may have with the Bar Services or security services.  The event host should appoint an individual to be the bar ambassador.  This is an individual who the bar service may contact if there is a bar problem.

The bar discontinues serving alcohol a half hour before the end of the party.  Bar service may end more quickly should the service deem it necessary.

No illegal, illicit drugs are permitted in the event facility, parking lot or the vicinity of the event.  Even if these substances have been prescribed, permitted or otherwise have any documentation they are not permitted.  None of our events are 420 friendly.  No exceptions will be made.  It is the hosts responsibility to let guests know and enforce these rules.  Chapel Events is in no way responsible for guests or hosts dissatisfaction with guests being asked to discontinue an activity or to depart the event.  The security team is required to enforce these rules, regulations and laws.

Guest Attendance

Chapel Events and event vendors are not responsible for the prompt attendance of guests.  Event is set up and performed as scheduled for your ordered guest count.  For example, if food is ordered for 100 guests, then it is prepared and served to 100 guests.  Additional tables and chairs and event timeline changes may be requested, and small accommodations may be made if feasible.  Chapel Events is not obligated to make these changes without notice.  Services will not be discounted for less than planed attendance.  Event is subject to additional charges for extra guests that need to be accommodated.

Event Incidents

Every event has situations, problems and challenges.  Chapel events works to minimize all these and make events seamless.  That said Chapel events cannot be held responsible for the event problems that arise.  Guests may spill, staff may a make mistakes, rental orders are incorrect.  We work diligently for you to have an excellent event, but you should expect small problems on the road to your event’s fabulous conclusion.

Contract Changes

Your contract is subject to modifications, updates and revisions.  Once revisions are read contract should be signed by all contracted parties.  Chapel Events reserves the right to update contract parameters as is required by circumstances.

The whole team is working together to give our clients a truly excellent experience.

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