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What is in our Full Service Wedding Package?


We Truly Care about you and your Event

We have thought about all the parts and pieces of your event and have created a comprehensive package that has it all, and a little more.  We do this because, we want your event to be well thought out and a seamless experience.  You are welcome to bring in a planner, designer or coordinator that can take your event over the top,  In your package a design appointment in our design warehouse is included.  You will have a couple hours to talk about your wildest dreams and choose from a selection of our tables and chairs, linens, place settings, backdrops and decor items.  We avoid additional charges but if there is something you want that we don't have we have multiple suppliers that we can utilize to order what you want.

Pulling all the details of place settings, chair selection and decorative items isn't easy but boy can it be fun!

Full sized Facilities for Bride and Groom

Every Bride needs plenty of space for her and the team to get ready for the day.  The Groom needs "a space" also.  Our facilities are oversized with all the extras so there is plenty of backdrops for the getting ready photo snaps.

We also provide a morning mimosa buffet for the bridal party.  Adds a bit of fun and some extras to manage the munchies.

If you need hair and markup service lined up we can add that on to your package,

Extra at Riverfront are a 9 hole golf course, photo Barn and horses, and an epic antique fire engine.  All of this keeps the gentlemen entertained while the ladies make their transformations.

Getting ready is more than half the fun.

Waiter with Champagne Pyramid

Truly Beautiful Food and Beverage Service

We don't always think of food as beautiful but at chapel events our food isn't only tasty but also gloriously pretty.  We have hand picked several caterers that wow us with their taste, presentation and professionalism.  We also have a world class chef at the Tower who makes everything wonderful.  We match you to the caterer who has the style, entrees and presentation that match your event design.  We have a full size fully stocked bar with bar tenders provided.  Our package also includes your champaign and your champaign toast, 

Also included: your bar consultation and creation of your signature cocktails along with an individual wine consultation with our wine distributor.  If you would like to make some custom selections for your bar service then let us know.

Food service is easily the hardest part of an event.  From the prep time to the setup to the timing to the cleanup our proven caterers have it covered.

Entertainment Services

We include our 5 star celebrity DJ service.  Our seasoned professionals will ensure that your event is well orchestrated for the ceremonial aspects.   The DJ will then pump up the fun for the dancing portion,   

You will have an individual consultation with your DJ to discuss the sequence of your party and make your music selections.  Your additional uplighting services and photo booth service are also included.

Organize and Plan and Organize some more!

Wedding Dance
Wedding Cake

Cake and Floral Service that Adds the Wow Factor

Designing your cake and floral is a central element for your event.  When you meet with one of our cake designers you will be selecting your flavors and "the look" for your dessert display.  You may choose several flavors while also having a cohesive cake design. 


You will also have a consultation with our floral designer.  Bouquets, bootaniers and floral centerpieces are included.  Of course there is so much more you can do!  Work with our designers to create the floral wow that will make your event pop.

We are picture perfect in every corner.

There is so much more.

We packed alot of extras into our package so your event could have the "more".  Here is a quicklist to checkout as you click around.

Photo Cars to create a focal point and Backdrop.

Vacation Destination.  When you buy your package you receive a certificate for a week long resort vacation.

Photo Shoots with extraordinary backdrops.

Signature Cleanup Services with courtesy boxes to pack up your big day.

Not Forgotten custom Memory Storage.

Event Schedule Service.  We take all the vendors and key players and put them into the schedule with their contact information.  We make sure your day goes smoothly.  We work directly with your designer or planner to cover all the details.

Organize and Plan and Organize some more!

Event Timeline and Vendor Coordination

From your initial consultation we start discussing your event plan and your vendors.  Here is a list of the things we manage for you.

Selection of event vendors:

Catering Selection

Bar Service

DJ Service

Photo Booth Service

Floral Service

Bakery Service

Linen and place settings

Additional Rentals

Timeline creation with vendor arrival and service times. setup and pickup times.  Contact information.

Keeping vendors strait and creating a cohesive event plan.

20180417-DSC_9867 (3).jpg

Your Event Producer, Planner, Coordinator

Chapel Events does so much to make your event a success but some folks will want to add on a wonderful wedding planner who will do the extras.

Here is what is included:

Decor Services


Place settings

Selection of backdrops

Floral centerpieces

Bouquets and Boutineers

Cake Presentation

Additional Rentals

This is what a planner can add:

Arrange your decor.

Bring in specialized design and decor.

Bring your design to life with details.

Primp the flowers

Adjust your dress and veil

Put down your runner

Manage your guests

Negotiate your family stuff.

Work on your invitations order.

Guest seating arrangements

Pick up all the details you aren't thinking of.

We partner with the Fairy Godmother, Colleen Bauer.  She leads a team of designers, coordinators who can transform your event.  They do all the extras that aren't in your Chapel Events package,

We work with all the local talent.  We Love Collen and she loves us if you need someone wonderful.

A Great Designer can bring your event to the 

Jacob & Priscilla (362).jpg

Signature Setup and Cleanup services.

Folks generally underestimate the challenge of all the setup and cleanup involved in your event.  We don't like our clients moving the tables and chairs and generally having to Hustle for your event.  We have it covered.

Event Set-Up

Virtual Venue Design.  You will see your 3D rendering of your event setup so you can see exactly what things will look like in your venue.

The week before your event you will have a walk through with your event manager to review the setup plan and your rental orders.

Tables, Chairs, Linens are setup and ready to go. 

Caterer will put out your place settings.

(Your planner is responsible for your personal decor such as guestbook table, party favors, photograph table.)

Florist sets up your floral displays and centerpieces.

Cake designer puts out your cake and cake floral.

Rental service puts out your arch.

Your Setup will be done according to your contract.  (Staff can not change the set-up plan last minute as new directions are given by family members.)


Staff will provide you with courtesy boxes to clean up the bridal preparation suite.  We focus on cleanup before ceremony as we dont want items lost or displaced during the shuffle.

Caterer will clear the tables of all food and food service items.

Event staff will clear tables, breakdown tables and chairs at end of event.

DJ will pickup dancefloor and DJ area.

Event Staff will cleanup the floors after the event.

Caterer will pack up your leftovers for you.  Chapel Events takes no responsibility for your leftovers, packing or storing them.

Florist is responsible for removal and pickup of any floral displays.  Arrange with your florist what this will look like.  Will flowers be donated, vases be returned?  Chapel Events takes no responsibility for your florals or display items.

Bar team will pack up the bar and clean up the bar area.  If you brought in beverages you are responsible for their removal.  We do not store beverages or bar service items overnight.

At the end of the evening event manager will walk through venue and point discus any damages and ensure that all your personal items are cleared.

Event Staff will not touch or remove your personal items.  You are responsible for your personal decor items.  Chapel Events is not responsible for your items and will provide no storage for them.

End the night on a high not a cleanup hassle.

It all works because of the team.

Honestly the reason we are successful event after event is because of our fabulous team.

Each of our team members and vendors is a stone cold solid expert that really loves you and your event.  We enjoy seeing events go well and having 5 star happy customers.

Every event has a glitch.  We can't promise you perfect but each team member will go to the limit to do their very best for you.

The team caring about you and your event is what makes it all work.


Check out some photos from our events!

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