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Your Private Information


What do we do with your Email address and phone number?

Everyone is tired of marketing in our inboxes and no one wants more stuff to manage or delete.  We feel the same way.  When you give us your email address we send you brochures and information you requested.  We send one email each month with updates and information.  Just hit unsubscribe if you don't want to be on the list.

We may give you a follow-up phone call or text to answer your questions. We are busy and dont want to bother you.

We want all our clients to be protected against all those unforeseen circumstances!

We are not sales people!

We like to say we are not sales people.. Yet we are selling you something!  We want to match you to the best place and package to meet your needs and budget.  We dont want to sell you anything but rather find what is gonna work best for you.

If we are a match for you then great!  If not that is OK too.  We dont want to ghost you or be ghosted.  Just let us know what you are looking for and we will work to serve you.

We were looking for ways to continue to serve our clients.


How Do I stop calls or emails?

Just push the unsubscribe button.  We dont want to pester you.  We hope you find our updates helpful.  If not no need to feel spammed.

No one wants more marketing materials!

Check out some photos from our events!

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